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Thrieving to LIVE


September 7, 2007

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Runescape News

August 28, 2007, taken from Runescape

During the great god wars, many smaller battles were fought between the followers of different deities. Sometimes these battles were fought for strategic advantage, many for items of power and others due to age-old enmities. One battle was fought over the possession of an extremely powerful weapon: the godsword.

History has it that the aviantese were protectors of the godsword and, when attacked by followers of Zamorak, several other gods came to their aid; fighting to stop the sword falling into the hands of the one they call the Usurper. The followers of Armadyl, Bandos and Saradomin struggled against an army of Zamorakians and, during this battle, the sword became shattered. Both sides cast powerful spells, attempting to destroy their enemies and freeze them into solid statues of ice. Now, after aeons have passed, the path is clear to explore these caves, but beware: the denizens of the caves are thawing out!

Any adventurer brave, strong or foolish enough can explore the caves, finding rich rewards for their efforts. Aside from the godsword - a two-handed weapon that allows you to change the hilt once it has been reforged, using a variety of special attacks - there is a new set of melee armour, a level 70 Ranged and a combination battlestaff for mages. It is also rumoured that one of the new Slayer creatures in the dungeon may be in possession of a pair of dragon boots!

The dungeon complex itself covers four mapsquares and contains a new race, four boss-monsters, new Slayer creatures and a host of old enemies for you to fight. Keep in mind that these creatures hark back to a different, harsher time when only the fittest survived. Expect, then, to find that your adversaries are slightly more powerful than their modern-day counterparts!